Staffing Solutions in Ireland and Australia


Engineering is defined as a specialised and scientific field involving taking the information available about our natural world to invent, design, create and build roads, houses, complexes, vehicles and bridges to name a few. The list is endless of what can be done in and with engineering.

Adare Recruitment Services can provide industry specific engineers to plug the hole and alleviate the critical shortage in the industry with our industry partner in South Africa. We provide staffing solutions for:

  • Project Managers
  • Civil Engineer
  • Structural Engineers

Nurses & Healthcare Assistants

Nurses plan and provide medical and nursing care to patients in hospitals, at home or in other settings who are suffering from chronic or acute physical or mental ill health issues. As there is a dire need for nursing staff in Australia, we facilitate the meeting between the employees and nursing agencies to ensure employment from day 1. 

Dairy Farming / Agriculture

Dairy Farming is a class of agriculture for long term production of milk. Dairy farming has a history that goes back to the early Neolithic era, in many regions of Europe and Africa.

Adare Recruitment Services CEO is a dairy farmer’s son and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of Agriculture.

We have many experienced Farm Managers and Dairy Farm Assistants based in South Africa who would be very willing to come to Ireland for full time opportunities

HGV Logistics

 Adare Recruitment Services CEO has complete, thorough, comprehensive and practical experience in this sector as previous owner of a haulage/transportation company. Using his experience and putting his extensive knowledge to work, Adare Recruitment Services is uniquely equipped to assist in sourcing competent, qualified staff either locally or through our industry partner in South Africa. Some of the professions available are:

  • Articulated Truck Drivers
  • Rigid Truck Driver      
  • Supply Chain Staff                 


Adare’s founder and CEO has 20 years’ intimate, hands on working experience within the sector and this makes him the perfect recruitment partner to source competent, skilled and passionate staff. Adare Recruitment can source qualified candidates with various skillsets at various skill levels ensuring higher and better productivity level within any company. Here are some of the professions we provide staffing solutions for:

  • Quantity Surveyer
  • Construction Manager
  • Health and Safety Officer

 Mining Industry

Recruitment Services because of having offices in both Limerick Ireland and Perth Australia are ideally placed to introduce the best of Irish talent to top Australian mining and civil mining companies. We provide staffing solutions for:

  • Plant Operators
  • Machine Operators
  • Plant Project Managers


Ireland’s Life Sciences sector has a global reputation for operational and innovational excellence. Leading Pharmaceutical companies have significant operations in Limerick and over Ireland. Taking advantage of technological improvements and developments, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies are now able to not only mass produce products, they can mass produce components for use by industry partners. To facilitate and embrace these advances and developments companies employ qualified, skilled and dedicated  staff to ensure the manufacturing and production of healthcare products. Adare Recruitment Services are partnered with these companies to to provide staffing solutions in sourcing and securing the top talent in the industry either locally or through our South African partner. Some of the professions we can assist with are:

  • Industrial Chemists
  • Automation Engineers
  • Injection Mold Engineers
  • Pharmaceutical Engineers
  • Research & Development Engineer