How to stay positive while job hunting

Having a positive attitude in general, is not the easiest skill to master. Having a positive attitude while job hunting – an even bigger feat to master! Because it is so incredibly hard to stay positive while looking for that perfect opportunity, we have a few tips and tricks you might want to try to help chase the job-hunting blues away.

  1. Get organized and stay organized

Make sure your resume/ CV is up to date, has all the details needed, and is ready to send out to prospective employers. Also, keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and current.

  1. Stick to a daily routine

Treat your job hunting like a full-time job. Yes, you read right – a full-time job. You are not going to get results by applying here and there for roles – you need to be consistent and goal-orientated. Remember to take breaks just as you would a job and when your allotted time for job finding is done, switch off until you resume tomorrow.

  1. Find and make time to NOT think about finding a job

If you are thinking about not having a job and not having a pay-check all day, every day, you increase your stress levels. In doing that it might lead you to apply for jobs you are not qualified for, a job you don’t really want or is suited to your skillset. So go watch a movie, take a walk, ride your bike – just make time to NOT think about finding your next job.

  1. Volunteer your skills or time

When you are volunteering, it provides soul food and gives you something to do with your skill and time. Also, it might be a good network opportunity as you never know who you might meet.

  1. Treat yourself to self-love and self-care

The key word here is ‘treat’. If it’s becoming too much, if job hunting is getting you down – do something you love for you. If you love to read, then read, gardening your peace, then get your hands in the soil, or just relaxing, take a long bubble bath with candles! Just do something to make your soul smile and thank yourself for doing it later!

  1. Stay up to date with new innovations and trends in your career field and industry

It’s easy to fall behind the technology or trends when you are not at work every day. A lot of websites let you set up alerts for new content, or notifications when new jobs are posted on a platform. Another great way to stay up to date is by registering for newsletters on industry-related websites of company-specific sites. This way you don’t fall behind with the added bonus of it being great talking points in your next interview.

  1. Getting depressed or blue while looking for a job is NORMAL

Firstly – you are not alone. Everyone who is job searching gets depressed or down. Everyone. That is why you have to switch off and step away from the job portals and resumes daily.

  1. Don’t stop looking

Even if the interview went well, even if they say the job is yours, do not stop looking until you have a signed offer of employment/letter of employment in writing. Until such a time, keep applying for roles and stay informed about your industry.

With these tips in your back pocket, you’ll have all the keys to a positive attitude to secure and ace your next virtual interview.

We hope that this blog has helped you better prepare for your next interview!

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