Nail your next Virtual Interview in a few easy steps –

After the worldwide pandemic of Covid 19, workplaces were forced to change. As the
companies evolved to align with the various Covid protocols in the various countries, most
companies embraced newer, faster en more reliable technological advices and shifted focus
to more virtual platforms to keep employees safe and create the ‘work-form-home’ culture.
In a recent study, 60% of hiring managers indicated they prefer first and sometimes second
interviews, virtual utilizing platforms such as Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp and Skype.
In recruitment, the same happened. Agencies interview candidates on these platforms as
well. Agencies that recruit on an international level rely even more on these virtual platforms.
So, if you are on the hunt for your next career move and will be going through the interview
process – this blog is for you.
Here are a couple of points to help you prepare and nail your next virtual interview – whether
with a client or recruitment agency.
1. Dress to impress – as if you are meeting the agency/company in person.
Every hiring manager and recruitment consultant has a story of doing a virtual
interview – and the candidate is in their pajamas. Just because you are at home,
does not mean that casual dress is acceptable – especially not pajamas. Remember
– YOU should be what a potential employer remembers, not what you were wearing.
2. Test your technology BEFORE your interview
Technology does bomb out and not work so – TEST, TEST, TEST!
Make sure you have a stable internet connection, your laptop/ tablet or phone is
compatible with the online platform, charged, and that it your camera and
microphone are working.
3. Prepare as if you are attending a face-to-face interview
You still need to do your research on the company you are interviewing for. You still
need to check the job spec and ensure you are able to perform all the key tasks and
responsibilities, you still need to research their website and social media pages to
gather information.
Top Tip: Write your talking points on Post-it notes. You can then place those notes
on your computer screen to avoid shuffling papers or clicking around during the call.
4. Do not move or fidget
During the interview, try to move as little as possible and to not fidget. It distracts an
interviewer’s attention rather than keeping them focussed on you and your answers.
If you are doing the interview from home, ensure you are in a quiet environment with
no interruptions. If there is an unplanned interruption, apologize and carry on with the
5. Look directly at the webcam or phone camera
Yes, admittedly it is very strange to look at the camera and not the ‘eyes’ of the
interviewer. But remember, the world has changed and we need to change with it. So
– if this is something you struggle with, try a few video calls with friends and practice
looking at the camera and not the face on your screen. This helps the employer and
candidate to feel connected. It’s also an indication that you are concentrating, paying
attention, and is taking the process seriously.
6. Do not be late for your interview
With a lot of online platforms, the meeting host will need to schedule a strict time
period for the interview. If you are late, you are missing out on precious time you
would have been able to use during the interview

7. Put your phone on silent
If you are using a laptop, ensure that your phone is on silent and face down on the
table so it will not distract you. Similarly, if you are using your laptop, close all other
windows – close not minimize – as you will then not get the notifications and distract
8. Be prepared to answer Lockdown questions
Most interviewers will ask you a couple of questions relating to Lockdown such as:
– What did you do during the Lockdown period to help and assist your community?
– How did you manage your time? Did you attend online courses, enriched yourself
with new knowledge, etc?
– How do you manage to stay organized when working from home?
– Do you have a dedicated work area when you work from home?
– What was your productivity workwise during Lockdown?
With these tips in your back pocket, you’ll have all the keys to ace and succeed in your next virtual interview.